I’m a High-Functioning Obsessive-Compulsive

Sometimes. Sometimes I feel I’m not so high functioning. I just spent the past couple of hours searching for obsessive compulsive science fiction characters, so I could make a little top 10 list of my favorites. Discovering that I couldn’t come up with 10, I decided I’d do my top 5, discovering I couldn’t come up with 5…well, I refused to believe that which is why I spent so long looking. I’m finally giving up. The problem, I presume, is that science is messy. Fiction is messy. It’s very hard to find obsessive compulsive characters that can survive the messy messy world of science fiction.

But here are some characters to think about when thinking of obsessive compulsive sci-fi:

M-O or Microbe Obliterator from Wall-e. If I had been able to make a proper list, this little guy probably would have been number 1. He is tiny. Tiny things tend to cute by nature. He’s a robot. Robots are awsome. His purpose is to f***ing clean stuff! Lovelovelovelovelove. Instead of hands, he has a little roller bit that can clean anything. He, at first, doesn’t get along with the protagonist. Wall-e is messy and his best friend is a cockroach, but by the end he helps him to save the day. You can be obsessive compulsive AND a good guy. Great moral. I’m sure that’s totally what Pixar was going for.

He’s the one proper model of a Disney character I have. And it was completely premeditated. “I’m going to Disneyland and I’m buying a M-O.”

C-3PO from Star Wars. Now you can argue this one. There’s no way to certify that a fictional character is OC, but if you look at obsessive compulsive characteristics he fits the bill. He falls under the checker category, giving the odds of survival to the rest of the group, he fears causing harm to himself and others (ex: trash compactor), has superstitions about good/bad luck (“we seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life”), and repeatedly checks on loved ones (when they’re separated, he always checks that R2 makes it back safely). 

When I was a kid I like R2 better…okay, if I’m being 100% honest he’s still my favorite, but I relate more to C-3PO, who is lovable in his own way.

The vampires in The X-Files episode “Bad Blood.” Particularly the pizza delivery guy (Ronnie Strickland). You know, the one who played the catcher in The Sandlot. This is my favorite episode of the show (I realize I already mentioned it in an earlier post, but I hear it’s Gillian Anderson’s favorite too, which makes me feel better). My favorite thing about it is the narrative style: Scully’s version vs. Mulder’s version. And I love the idea of vampires being obsessive compulsive, that Mulder is able to hold one off by scattering a bag of sunflower seeds before passing out, and that when Scully discovers Mulder after he’s been drugged, he sings the theme to Shaft.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, the fairies in Supernatural’s “Clap Your Hands if You Believe” are not obsessive compulsive. They count the sugar/salt/what have you, they don’t need to pick it up. In “Bad Blood” Mulder even mentions that Rain Man isn’t a vampire because he counts the matchsticks, he doesn’t retrieve them. I’m also bothered by the fact that they built up “Clap Your Hands…” like an X-Files episode with the opening and all, but refused to let the creatures be aliens. Evidently fairies are more feasible. Fine. Whatever. But, I’m off on a ramble again. 

Funnily enough, this was the first and one of very few times I heard this theory about vampires. This is a characteristic to be exploited if I ever heard one. Tidy vampires. Excellent.


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