So about that new Star Wars movie….

I have mixed feelings about this.

I have a lot of friends who are really upset that Lucasfilm is now owned solely by Disney and believe that any subsequent films will be atrocious. This isn’t my belief.

I’m not completely happy-go-lucky by the sudden turn of events, but I have hope. You know, like the characters in the movies. I understand why there is so much concern. Disney tends to be…Disney-y.

That’s the only way I care to describe them at this point. This isn’t always good, nor bad, but they do make movies a certain way. That being said, when the Star Wars films first came out, they were thought of as being almost Disney-y. And if you go tot Disneyland you will certainly see a fair amount of Lucasfilm around. The connection was already there.

As far as Star Wars VII is concerned, that story exists already. It’s just never been made into a film. Lucas had such a grasp on his universe that he had a script that was long enough to be split into 9 movies. He made the middle three, deciding it was the part he liked best and them went back for the origin story, which admittedly is where it began to slide.

But, as I understand it, again, the core story centers on a different generation of characters. We won’t cast Hayden Christensen this time, maybe it’ll be okay. And it also depends on who they have writing and directing, of course. And Kathleen Kennedy who’s worked on Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and other great films of the genre, is heading this crazy ship.

I won’t hate the new film until they give me concrete reasoning.

There are still things I love (see above).

I’ll give them a shot.


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Writer type thing. I work on stories for kids when I'm on the clock and screenplays quite a bit less for kids when I'm not. I have a blog: I'm also the creator and moderator of the Doctor Who vodcast/podcast A Disused Yeti:
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