Christmas List #2

5 Paranormal Holiday TV Specials

There’s not really an order here. Though I like the first one best.

1. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas – The X-Files

This is one of the best episodes of the show point blank. And I said about everything I have to say about it when I did my top ten episodes of the X-Files list. Not gonna repeat it, it’s elsewhere on the blog, point is, it’s just wonderful. Dare I say, the perfect holiday episode of a show.

Unfortunately, they only did a few Christmas episodes of the X-Files. There was one earlier episode that takes place on Christmas. It’s actually the first half of a two-parter, in which Scully finds a little girl, Emily, that she thinks is her dead sister’s daughter, only to find out Emily’s actually Scully’s own daughter, implanted when the aliens abducted her. And then the little girl dies. Not very Christmas-y. But Ghosts…Ghosts is brilliant.

2. A Very Supernatural Christmas – Supernatural

This episode is stupid, twisted, maniacal fun, with terribly creepy monsters (in that they’re overly cheery and though they look human, there’s something incredibly off about them). I also had never heard the legend of Santa’s evil twin which comes up in this episode.

It also features the Winchesters singing Christmas carols, one of Dean’s best lines: “you fudgin’ touch me again, I’ll fudgin’ kill ya,” and explains the origin of Dean’s necklace (a gift from Sam when they were kids…awww). Compared to the three following episodes it’s rather light hearted fare.

3. Amends – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I would probably like this one a lot better if it wasn’t so Angel-centric. The parts he’s not in are often sweet and endearing. I’m trying to figure out how to put this without sounding too teeny-bopper fangirl…um…Angel. I’m not a fan. It’s all about Spike. Oz is in it though. I always liked Oz.

Mopey Angel story aside, it’s really about all the characters trying to fix the relationships they’ve slowly, but surely been destroying over the course of the season. It’s low on the supernatural elements and is really just about the characters. Willow and Xander are into each other, but each have significant others at this point, and are trying to make up for it when the sigs find out. Buffy and Faith’s relationship is on the rocks (well, it was never really off the rocks…shaken and stirred). And Giles’ love interest was murdered in the previous episode. Which, unfortunately, leads back to Angel.

The story is about the relationships that are repaired. Willow and Oz are able to go back to the way they were, Faith gets over herself for the episode and spends Christmas with Buffy and Joyce, and Xander and Giles are both beginning to heal or whatever.

Then Buffy decides she can’t be “just friends” with Angel, he manages not to rip her to shreds (yay) when they talk, and the ghost of Giles girlfriend stops haunting him (Angel). And SNOW.


4. A Roswell Christmas Carol – Roswell

The one episode with Tess that I can watch and not hate her in, because she really is just trying to do something nice for Kyle and the Sheriff, without any manipulation attached.

Max watches a man die, and doesn’t save him because he knows it would expose him and the other aliens and gets haunted until he decides to save a little girl who’s dying of cancer (to restore the balance or something), but goes waaaay overboard when he gets there, and ends up curing the entire pediatric ward, even though he and Michael should have been caught (it’s the one time Michael prays over the course of the show and he’s granted a Christmas miracle and they escape).

It’s the introduction of Isabel as the Christmas nazi and a really fun episode between Michael and Maria. Fairly light on the Liz front, which is odd as she’s the main character and all, she’s basically just there for Max to bounce dialogue off, but I always like her, so it’s cool.

5. Samuel Rising – Roswell

I know, right? Two Roswell episodes on the list?! But they really are wonderful. Though neither sound like they’d be good holiday themed story lines.

I may like this one even better than the other Roswell holiday ep. actually. The Christmas nazi is back in full swing, and her new husband is having trouble coping, Liz and Maria are roped into being elves to Michel’s Santa in a Santa’s Village-esque event (one of many activities being run by Isabel), and Kyle has to deal with his dad dating a girl only a few years older than Kyle. Of course, the main story is about Max finding this autistic kid, who he thinks his alien son is trying to use to communicate with him from another planet. You know, the usual.

When Max realizes the kid may not be who he originally hoped, he’s ready to walk out on the whole situation, but Liz convinces him to find a way to heal a little of the family’s suffering (through more magic alien powers).

And then there’s a separate day for just Doctor Who Christmas specials. Naturally.

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