Do Not Disturb: the 10 Best/Worst Motel (and Hotel) Rooms in Supernatural

I jokingly mentioned in a previous blog post that there could be whole list of just ridiculous motel rooms that the boys are forced to stay in (I was talking about the “Changing Channels” room which didn’t even make it on the list), but after catching a rerun of “Something Wicked” the other day I decided it would be really fun (that one didn’t make it onto the list either). And it was, but also kinda tedious as I kept trying to cue up a good screenshot.

I also feel I should mention that the Production Designer is Jerry Wanek, as he seems to be the madman coming up with all these sets.

Anyway, this is what I finally came up with after having to drop quite a few really excellent sets:

10. The Pink Flamingo Motel – Mystery Spot (3×11)

Funnily enough, mainly for the bathroom.

Any episode with the trickster is bound to have a good motel. No exception here, with pink flamingo wallpaper and little flamingo figurines built into the divider.

The bedroom area also has giant flamingos painted on the wall as we can briefly glance the many many times Sam wakes up, being forced to relive Tuesday and his brother’s various deaths, Groundhog Day style.

And the towels are all pink.

But you can actually imagine that such a place would actually exist.

9. The Brew City Motel – Nightshifter (2×12)

Because there are beer bottles built into the divider. That is all.

8. Uncle Erv’s Green Valley Motel – 99 Problems (5×17)

 At first glance it looks like a fairly straightforward cheap motel room with it’s own little theme, but during the Whore of Babylon discussion they appear to be sitting in giant field compliments of the wall length portrait…of a field.

And there’s a rather awesome couch with a bull’s head embossed on it.

7. The Aviary Motel – Dream a Little Dream of Me (3×10)

I love that the the entire motel is coated in this peacock wallpaper.

The tone of the colors is a lot darker than in most of the episodes. I assume the reason for this has to do with the fact that Dean has to face the demon-Dean in his nightmare, which is set in his motel room. All of a sudden the giant birds on the wall are eerie, oppressive, and creepy.

Fun Fact: this is one of only two episodes (I think) in which Bobby visits the boys in a motel.

6. Tiki Motel – Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie (7×14)

It actually seems like a nice motel, considering some of the places they’ve stayed at, but the hotel decorator was a little too gung-ho about the theme.

This episode is so, dare I use the word, whimsical, that they had to have a motel room to match. You can’t have an episode with killer unicorns and deranged clowns while the boys eat Chinese in your basic beige motel room. And the art department/set production did not disappoint.

Also, if anyone can explain why the episode is entitled Magic Menagerie when it’s only ever referred to in the episode as “Magical Menagerie” that’d be great. Thanks.

5. Elysian Fields Hotel – Hammer of the Gods (5×19)

A shnazzy hotel in Supernatural? It’s clearly a trap set by hungry cannibal gods for unsuspecting travelers, trying to escape a storm.

Luckily, Sam and Dean get caught in the storm as well. Unluckily, so does Lucifer.

Aside from the fun theology crossing that this episode brings to the table, the entire thing is set in the hotel, so we get to see a lot of it.

Even after he stops being the Trickster his hotels are awesome

I’m mostly just focusing on the Winchester’s rooms, so to be fair, that’s where most of the pictures come from, but there’s a ridiculously luscious free buffet and a raging fire in the hearth in the lobby.

For Dean the most exciting part is the chocolate on the pillows and the casa erotica on TV.

Sam, realizing this place is too good to be true, just wants to leave (yeah, that probably would have been good…could have saved one of my favorite characters that way).

4. The Astoria Hotel – Lazarus Rising (5×01)

After Dean is mysteriously risen from hell at the beginning of the episode, he, naturally, goes looking for Sam. Dean tracks Sam’s phone to a gregarious hotel with tiger print wallpaper, red lamps and card suits on the doors, around the room numbers.

We first see Ruby 2.0 here, though we don’t know who she is yet, and Sam pretends she’s a one night stand for Dean and Bobby’s benefit.

Because of the red lampshades, everything in the room has a red tint. I’m gonna go ahead and do some more analyzing: this has to do with the fact that Dean got out of hell? That Sam’s addicted to Demon blood? Both?

We also know that there’s a mirror above the bed because Castiel accidentally smashes it, trying to talk to Dean.

Fun Fact: this is the other hotel room Bobby visits them in.

3. The Moonlight Motel – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (4×07)

Weird crushed velvet look on the beds? Check. Dim lighting to read your spell books by? Check. Red and black checked tile floor that, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I really want? Check.

The set pieces are actually really nice if you watch the episode and get more of the depth and angles. And I really do love the floor. The room is always dark, keeping in theme with the menacing tone of the episode. It’s also where we are first introduced to Uriel, who we find out is pretty damn evil, despite being one of heaven’s angels. It’s also where Sam meets Cas(s) for the first time, which I love because Sam acts like he’s just met a rock star and Cas(s) is looking particularly bedraggled in this episode.

2. The Pierpont Inn – Playthings (2×11)

Personal feelings are a major factor in this one. I don’t think I could stay here, knowing that there were rooms filled with dolls next door. I have enough of an issue with that creepy dress hanging in the room. I mean, seriously? They really went to great lengths to find some crazy antique shit to put in here. It’s all very Haunted Mansion.

This is another episode that all takes place in the hotel, and the entirety of the set is decked out in old-fashioned pieces. It’s terrifying.

And I  have fond memories of Sammy getting drunk in this room, and then it all coming back up the next morning. Good times.

1. The Boogie Inn – Provenance (1×19)

I’ll let this one speak for itself:


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