Gallifrey One – The First Day

Ahhhhhhhhh! I don’t know about you, but I had an excellent weekend. I’ve given myself a bit of time to settle and collect my thoughts, but the euphoric fog may make these next few posts (there will be three) a bit of a mess. And I ramble at the best of times.


11:00 Registration. I arrived at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel (I drove, I live a bit over a half an hour away…without traffic or getting massively lost) even before my 11:00 targeted time). I had been listening to the second Chameleon Circuit album, Still Got Legs, on my iPod on the way there (check them out, really fun Doctor Who themed music; it’s called trock, Time Lord rock…get it?), to get me in the right frame of mind. I got in the registration line and got my badge. Considering that this is the first year the events sold out everything went pretty well. I got my badge within minutes and then waited in line to get into the main ballroom for the first event.

12:00 Radio Free Skaro. Live podcast where they interviewed several of the actors, including Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor himself. After the interviews, Chip, the Two-minute Time Lord went on stage and gave a similar speech as last year, which ends with the phrase “welcome home,” which makes me gets me a tad choked up. I don’t need that, I just got here!

McCoy is introduced by the Radio Free Skaro team

1:30 Who Crack Video Track III. It’s what it sounds like. An hour long panel where they project a bunch of fan videos made online. It’s a fun way to start the convention, a bunch of fan made videos being watched by other fans. I had seen quite a few of them before, but there were a few new ones too. One of my favorites is Epic Rap Battles of History: Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who.

2:30 The Happiness Patrol. This whole panel was a place where people could admit their guilty pleasures about the show. My guilty pleasure is that my favorite ever episode of Doctor Who is the Unicorn and the Wasp, which most people give a good thrashing because of the corny special effects (cause the Doctor Who is known for it’s spectacular special effects?) and the villain of the piece turning out to be a wasp.  But it’s like a giant game of Clue! It’s fun. Anyway, I discovered in this panel that I’m not the only person who loves that episode. Yay!

3:30 Dealer’s Room. I spent the next hour wandering around the dealer’s room. Last year I didn’t visit it until Sunday and I wanted to see it the first day when they weren’t sold out of everything. And they have everything there! I bought a few little souvenirs for my brother, cause he didn’t get to come this year and i got the Doctor Who Card Game for myself (though I waited until the last day, debating over whether or not to spend that much money.

4:30 Behind the Camera. A panel where several directors and showrunners from both the classic series and new who talked about…directing. Who’d of guessed? I always go to as many behind the scenes panels as humanly possible. And we had some really entertaining groups of fil….er…TV-makers this year. It was cool to get a mix of classic and new directors together to hear how the roles they play have changed, what being a director used to mean and what it means now.

5:30 The Reign of Terror. Another panel about showrunners, but this was more observations from fans than from people on the inside. It was a cool juxtaposition to have these two panels in a row. I got a bit lost at times because they talked a lot about the classic series, and while of seen a good chunk of that, I don’t always know of the top of my head who was who (no pun intended), but I got all the Davies and Moffat stuff.

6:30 Opening Ceremonies. Fun stuff, they brought all the guests (minus Freema, whose plane had just landed) onstage for us to cheer at them. Then I got in another line for:

8:30 Charie Ross: Geek Like Me. Charlie Ross was there last year too, but this year he got an hour to do a stand up show about Doctor Who and being considered a geek and sang his RHPS parody: Science-fiction, Tea-time Feature.

9:30 Doctor Who Live. An improv sow where, after getting suggestions from the audience, the performers act out an on-the-fly episode of Doctor Who. It was mad and ridiculous and a bit of a mess at times, but they were making it up as they went, so you have to give them some credit, and it was really fun.

10:30 Mysterious Theatre 337. It’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000, except with Doctor Who. They basically having a running commentary for the entire length of a Doctor Who serial (they usually do classic) or in this case the length of the move, as they were screening Daleks: Invasion of Earth 2150 A.D. It’s late night programming for good reason. They tend to get pretty raunchy, but both times I’ve gone to MT337 they’ve had me in hysterics, and I like to think I’m a fairly mature person with good taste in comedy.


And I got home at 1:30am, was up checking email and things for about an hour, and got about 4 and a half hours of sleep until….


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