Gallifrey One – The Second Day

I, again, made sure to arrive early so I could stat my day waiting is a long line, but was able to get an excellent seat for:

10:00 The Power of Three – Director’s Commentary. I’m a commentary junkie. I tend to get special editions of DVD and listen to every commentary available, regardless of who’s commentating, actors, filmmakers, whoever, and the live commentaries at Gally are always magnificent.

The very Scottish Douglas MacKinnon directed this episode. I had seen him at the Behind the Camera panel the day before and he’s one of a great number of enthusiastic filmmakers who graced us with their presence that weekend. Like many people who work on the show, MacKinnon seems a great fan of Doctor Who and takes great pride in being a contributor (as well he should). He was also the last director to work with Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill (Amy and Rory) on the show (the episodes are shot out of sequence, they filmed this one last).

11:00 Trial of a Time Lord. This panel was about the different portrayals of the 11 actors who’ve played the Doctor (canonically). Things that worked and maybe didn’t. A cool panel as all the speakers seemed to have great respect for each Doctor who had the role (I’m sorry, I can’t get behind the first Doctor. He’s mean and grumpy and his granddaughter, Susan, is annoying and I could take or leave Chesterton. Barbara was the only thing that kept me watching the Hartnell episodes).

This episode was more classic geared, fair enough, there are more classic Doctors than New Who, but 9, 10, and 11 got their time too. One thing I really like aboth the fandom, is that every Doctor has their followers. There isn’t a single Doctor that isn’t someone’s favorite.

12:00 Tooth and Claw. This panel was about what people who are fans of the show and the different ways they express that. There was a lot about cosplay, which I don’t do and was sort of lost during, but there was some really cool talk about podcasting and blogging, which kept my attention.

My favorite part about this panel was when they were talking about original Who-inspired videos. For instance, there is apparently an entire musical is being assembled at the moment. As an ex-film student…or graduated film student…this was fun for me and something I’d like to do sometime.

1:00 Roaming the Halls, Looking at Stuff/People’s Costumes and Another Visit to the Dealers Room.

2:00 Inside the Sci-Fi Universe. A collection of sci-fi trailers for movies coming out soon. There were some serious technical difficulties for a good portion of the panel and by the time we got everything working  it was just about time to go. I had seen most of the trailers, but we ended the panel with the new Star Trek trailer, which I actually hadn’t gotten to see yet (and played without any problems), so it ended on a high note .

3:00 More Roaming.

4:00 Writing SF for TV and Film. With Jane Espenson of Buffy and Torchwood, Javier Grillo-Marxuach or Lost and creator of the Middleman, Doris Egan of House, Gillian Horvath of about a dozen Syfy channel projects, Craig Miller of several Lucasfilm projects, Darin Henry of Seinfeld and Doctor Who audio dramas, and David Wise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who audio dramas. And most of them have even more credits, I just chose my favorites.

Loved this panel! A bunch of writers, whose worked I love, talking about loving their work. I was in heaven.

5:00 Writing Doctor Who.  A panel of all Doctor Who writers. They were mostly writers for the the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas. A bunch of Brits talking about Doctor Who, excellent. I’m not very well versed in the audio dramas, but I know enough about the DW universe to still find what they were saying interesting. And it really was. There were several moments over the course of the weekend that made me think “the audio dramas sound pretty damn cool. I should look further into that.”

7:00 Line. I waited in a two-hour line for the masquerade and talked to some interesting people.

9:00 The Masque of Mandragora. This is the giant costume show Gally has every year. Basically anyone who comes with a costume can sign up and the rest of the guests are treated to hours of the most beautiful inventive intricate costumes you’ve ever seen. And people get really into it. Some of them create entire skits, choreographed dances, fully functioning mechanical creations as props, and life size costumes of the immense creatures in the show, which in some cases they look as good as the ones in the show.

The half time show this year was made up of Anjili Mohindra, Neve McIntosh, Nicholas Pegg, Scott Handcock, Dan Starkey, and Charlie Ross playing a game of “Just a Minute,” as hosted by Tony Lee. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed. And was responsible for the Masquerade running 35 minutes longer than it was scheduled to. And I didn’t mind one bit.

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