Gallifrey One – The Third Day

The third day is always a little sad because the convention is ending, but there were several things I was  excited about (Mark Sheppard), like more Freema (and Mark Sheppard) and more commentaries (and Mark Sheppard) and loads of interviews with actors (and Mark Sheppard).

Got there early, stood in line, etc.

10:00 Freema Agyeman. I actually had good seats this day (better than it looks in the footage. I’m still figuring out the zoom on my iPod). On Saturday I was standing in the standing room only ballroom in the Marriott. On Sunday I was sitting in the first dozen rows.

We got to hear more about Catherine Tate and David Tennant (my favorite companion and my favorite Doctor). And we got a little Rose vs. Martha discussion.

11:00 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Director’s Commentary. I’ve been accused of have the taste of a 12 year old boy, and to be fair it’s kinda true. But the Doctor, dinosaurs, a spaceship, egypt, and half the cast of Harry Potter?! Incredible. Saul Metzstein was the director on this one and, like MacKinnon, was as enthusiastic about the show as he could be.

12:00 Dealers Room. I bought a few souvenirs for my brother and Doctor Who: the Card Game for myself.

12:30 The Sound of Drums. A panel all about the music of Doctor Who. It mostly focused on the classic stuff (cause again, there’s more of it), but there was some really fun stuff at the end, where they took music from other scenes (and the Benny Hill theme in one case) and put it to scenes from New Who to see how the effect differed.

I was spending the remainder of the day in the main ballroom and over the course of the afternoon, made my way to the front. I was in the fourth row by the time Mark Sheppard came on.

1:30 Churchill and the Monsters. Interviews with actors Ian McNeice, Richard Hope, Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey, and Paul Marc Davis. These guys are all really entertaining and most of them are often covered in loads of make-up and prosthetics, so it was fun to actually get to see them.

2:30 Debbie Watling & Frazer Hines. Interviews with the actors who played Victoria and Jamie, companions to the second Doctor (who, except for maybe 8, is my favorite of the classic Doctors). What a couple of characters. If I’m being frank, they’re up there, years wise, but they were probably the raunchiest two guests there and one of my favorite interview sets of the weekend.

3:15 Lisa Bowerman. I’m ashamed, but I didn’t really know who Bowerman was (I still don’t really). She’s an actress from the Doctor Who audio dramas and it sounds like River Song is loosely based on the character she plays, Bernice Summerfield. She was wonderful. Here’s a little taste of her interview:

And then, it came. The moment I had been waiting for all weekend. From my fourth row seat, I looked over my shoulder to see who else had turned out to see him and there wasn’t an empty seat in the entire ballroom. People were standing in the back, sitting along the side and a few people even just flopped down in front of the stage because:

4:00 Mark Sheppard. Let me explain:

Doctor Who




Battlestar Galactica

The Middleman


He’s been in all these and more (like Leverage, which I desperate;y want to see, but haven’t gotten to yet). Basically every great sci-fi show since the 90’s has starred Sheppard in some capacity. He’s the a sci-fi god and everyone at the convention seemed aware of it.

We passed each other in the hallway three times on Friday and I never got up the courage to go up to him, which is really frustrating, but I was within feet of him for his session. And I say session because they did something totally unique for him. Everyone else was interviewed by someone on the stage with them. For Mark, they put a microphone in the middle of the room and the audience queued up and asked their own questions for the entirety of his panel. No interviewer, Just Sheppard onstage. Cause that’s all you need.

4:30 Revisiting the Legacy. A free-for-all with all the Classic actors that culminated in Sylvester McCoy playing the spoons on Daphne Ashbrook’s head.

5:30 The Year in Review. Every year Gally puts together an hour of Doctor Who media footage collected since the previous year. This year it included a special interview with Steven Moffat, just for us.

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