5 TV Characters That Are F@%#ing Precious

Like adorable. And these aren’t necessarily my favorite characters from these shows (actually in more cases they aren’t), but they’re the characters that have made me “awww” the most. Is there an order? I was gonna lead up to most f@%#ing precious, but I couldn’t really decide in some cases, so, this changes on a daily basis. Also, this is a really nerdy list, but judging by the name of my blog….

Character: George Michael Bluth

Actor: Michael Cera

Series: Arrested Development

A F#%#ing Precious Quote:
Michael Bluth: What have we always said is the most important thing? 
George Michael Bluth: Breakfast 
Michael Bluth: Family 
George Michael Bluth: Oh, right. Family. I thought you meant of the things you eat.

So gawky and awkward and teenager-y that at times he made the show hard to watch. It wasn’t much of a stretch from a lot of the characters that Cera’s played, but in the Arrested Development universe, where the characters tend to be sick and twisted, we need someone to sympathize with. There’s Michael  (he’s actually my favorite), but at time’s he’s too straight of a straight-man, too much the grown-up, too much the businessman. And the family even drags him down to the darkside at times. And only his son, George Michael, can bring him back.

He’s so precious that the whole being-in-love-with-his-cousin…thing…isn’t that disturbing. He’s 13. It’s actually kind of cute. In fact, him liking someone as cool as Maeby makes me like him even better. And he likes Star Wars, so bonus points.


Character: Kaywinnet Lee “Kaylee” Frye

Actor: Jewel Staite

Series: Firefly

A F@%#ing Precious Quote:

Kaylee: [petting the ship; in a whisper] That’s my girl. That’s my good girl.


Um, she’s the mechanic of a spaceship with an unrequited crush and a severe lack of confidence. Need I have another reason? I kinda hate to use the word scrappy, cause I feel like it it’s a way of talking down about strong female characters (particularly in sci-fi and action), but it’s a word that really describes what differentiates her from the other girls on the show. She’s not tough like Zoe or elegant like Inara, but when you need someone loyal, who isn’t educated, but smart and resourceful, she’s your girl.

Again, not my favorite on the show, that goes to Wash (who can be darn precious in his own right), but  she’s a close second, and she’s deceptively important to the ship. She’s thought of the cute quiet little girl, but she’s the only reason Serenity keeps running.


Character: Willow Rosenburg

Actor: Alyson Hannigan

Series: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

A F@%#ing Precious Quote:

Buffy: So he threatened you? With what?
Willow: Well, it wasn’t exactly anything he said. It was all in his eyes. I mean, there was some nostril work as well, but mostly eyes.

First of all, I have to point it out, as it’s so glaringly obvious, Joss Whedon created both of the last two characters. The guy knows what he’s doing. Both are wonderful, both are distinct. Both are fucking precious. Particularly in season 1. By the end of the series, Willow becomes a badass witch, with powers that rival Buffy’s. And then she’s evi and then she’s an evil drug addict and then she’s not and that makes her even more powerful…or something.

But in the early years she was just the cute high school kid. Awkward and adorable. She’s the ultimate best friend to the protagonist, but in an awesome, quirky independent film sort of way.

Again, not my favorite character (the one show in which I fell for the bad boy. Hellooooo Spike), but the good natured innocence that he show still needed in the beginning. Back then they were in high school. They needed some kids to represent that. To be real and lovable, a girl who Buffy would pick over the cool kids.


Character: Castiel

Actor: Misha Collins

Series: Supernatural

A F@%#ing Adorable Quote:

Voicemail: You have reached the voice mailbox of…
Castiel: [heard on voicemail meassage] I don’t understand. Why…why do you want me to say my name?

Angel of the Lord and Warrior of Heaven

This character has gone through so many changes that it becomes complicated on a list like this. Everyone on that show goes bad at some point, and yes, Cas(s) has his own evil stint as well. And when he first shows up, he’s not precious. He’s intense and menacing and stays that way for all of season 4 (when he first appears).

Then came season 5. He was practically the comic relieve. A lot of this comes from his trying to act human and failing miserably (see Free to Be You and Me, it’s his best episode), which is good fun to watch and makes him ever so endearing. This is personally my favorite incarnation of the character. Then season 6, same deal, then bam he’s a bad guy at the end of that season and going into season 7, then he’s not on for almost the entire season, then he looses his memory (which is really sweet too, actually), then he gets it back and that makes him go crazy.

Now that should not be as adorable as it is (type “cas and dean play sorry”into YouTube to see an example). He poses an difficult issue on the show. Everyone likes him so much that they can’t get rid of him now, but he’s too powerful to be healthy and on good terms with the Winchesters, so he’s always sick and/or Sam and/or Dean are upset with him (see tonight’s episode for reference). I’m willing to help solve this problem if they let me write for the show.



Character: Maurice Moss

Actor: Richard Ayoade

Series: The IT Crowd

A F@%# Precious Quote:

Moss: I can’t go to prison, Roy! They’ll rape the flip out of me!

Allow me to gush for the remainder of the century.

Moss is one of those characters that becomes the series. And it’s not by the fault of poor fellow performers. His co-stars were Chris O’Dowd (who recently shot to stardom from seemingly nowhere) and Katherine Parkinson, two genius actors, playing brilliant characters. But Moss is really the reason to tune in. He’s a character you want to toss into other series’ just to see what would happen.

Why is he so great? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly. Conceptually, the character is quite sad. At one point he’s chastised by his co-worker and only friend for joining the Lonely Hearts online dating service and responds by saying, “I’m a 32 year old IT-man who works in a basement. Yes, I do the whole Lonely Hearts thing!” And it’s a moment of such honesty that, rather than being comedic, it’s a little heartbreaking. He’s nerdy, his social skills are practically non-existant, and he works in a pigsty of a basement, but may be obsessive-compulsive, and he’s sort of a Rosencrantz to Roy’s Guildenstern. But he’s just a genuinely good person in every circumstance and never does a mean-spirited thing in the entire show, which inevitably places him in uncomfortable circumstance after uncomfortable circumstance.

The really scary thing is if you watch an interview with Richard Ayoade, he doesn’t seem to be acting all that much. Except, luckily, in real life this seems to have paid off to some extent. He’s a well-loved comedic actor in the UK (you may also recognize him from The Mighty Boosh) and also directs (his film Submarine is amazing). He made a bid for more mainstream success in The Watch, which was as bad as you would expect (even with aliens), and he was what made it bearable at all.


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