12 Actors for the 12th Doctor

So Matt Smith is leaving (noooooooo, he’s not Tennant, but I’ve grown to love him in spite of that) and we need a new Doctor. There is a rumor that the new Doctor has already been cast and they will be announcing the actor this weekend. I’m not sure if this is true, but I wanted to get my two cents in, either way.

There’s a fair chance they will cast someone relatively unknown. Matt Smith wasn’t that well known, nor was Tennant. Then they played the Doctor and became a much bigger deal. But if we’re playing with names we know, just for fun, who might we cast. All 11 previous Doctors have been white men and a lot of people want to change that up, which is fine by me, but I don’t want to discount any white male actors for that reason either. This list goes by likelihood and/or actual potentiality (well, the 1st one is just my top choice):

*Note: I love Benedict Cumberbatch, he should be on Doctor Who, and be on it a lot, but I really really really want him to play the Master rather than the Doctor. Oooh, and the same goes for James Nesbitt:

12. Misha Collins

I adore him, would love to see what he’d do as the Doctor, and we know he can play otherworldy and rock a trenchcoat, but he’s American, so it won’t happen. Not with Moffat. Moving on.

11. Robert Sheehan

My only problem here is I think of him as being really young and I think that’s because he’s so embedded in my mind as his character from Misfits (this is why we cast unknowns in this role), an that character was incredibly immature. I loved his character and the show lost me when it lost him, but the Doctor is hundreds and hundreds of years old. On the other hand, Matt played the doctor like a 12 year old and that worked out pretty well for him.

10. Lenora Crinchlow

Oh, if only William Hartnell could see himself now. Crinchlow was actually in an episode of Doctor Who, but Freema and Karen both guested (as bad guys!) before being cast as companions. Why not do it with the Doctor? And Lenora’s just adorable. I like an adorable Doctor. Like Tennant could be adorable. As fun and cute as Smith is, it’s not really the same thing. But when push comes to shove, Crinchlow can be strong too.

9. Gary Oldman

Yeah, this is one where his movie star status might actually retract from the role. I just think he’s a great actor and the Doctors lately have been getting awfully young. Why not get a veteran who really knows what he’s doing in there? Actually Gary Oldman can be adorable too (Rosencrantz? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), but he’s lately been the wise voice of reason, which is another aspect of the character. And he can be scary as hell, which I also think is important. But like I say, he’s almost too much of a name. It would be like if they cast John Hurt as the Doctor…wait.

8. Emma Watson

Lest we forget the Doctor is clever. He’s said so himself. And she has this smirk like she knows exactly what’s going on, but she’s not going to tell you. She’s one of the choices where the more I think about it, the more i think, yeah, that would be really cool actually. Unfortunately, when it comes to physical action sequences (and she can do this, I know 8 movies worth of Harry Potter), I would like someone with a tad more chutzpah. Someone like:

7. Katie McGrath

I dunno if there are any Merlin fans out there, but McGrath played, in my opinion, one of the most kick-ass women in contemporary TV. Now she was also the bad guy, but before she turned all witch-y, she was one of the more stand-up characters in the show. I mean really, the Pendragons are awful people in the beginning of that show, and while Morgana was, at times, spoiled and arrogant, she often managed to be the graceful one. Then she went dark side and became a bad-ass. It stands to reason she could be do the same with a hero.

6. Mark Sheppard

Because he’s god, that’s why. Okay, this would be a  little harder to swing because he had a pretty substantial role on the show…and recently. So for likelihood reasons he shouldn’t be this high on the list. Also, he’s busy beating the Winchesters senseless and I heard he actually isn’t supposed to be out of the country while under contract with WB or some such nonesense. I think he broke the rules last time he was on the show as it was. Anyway, those are all the reasons he won’t be the 12th Doctor, even though he’d be brilliant at it.

5. Matthew Lewis

Go watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. That is all.

4. Gillian Anderson

We’d finally have our ginger Doctor. C’mon. How cool would that be? She’s done a lot of sci-fi. She’s British. She’s a she. And she’s kinda timeless. Like the Doctor. And she’s used to playing a character with a difficult companion.

3. Richard Ayoade

 I don’t know, do I have to explain this one? You don’t even have to watch anything he’s in, just look at an inteview. I want that as the Doctor. And he’s played an alien in that horrible horrible movie that I shan’t name, but he was really good in, because he’s always really good.

2. Hugh Laurie

This is an obvious one, but it would be really good. Now to clarify, Laurie is a TV star, but not so much a movie star, unlike what I was saying about Oldman. Going from a major TV show to a major TV show seems a sensible thing to do. He’s had some recuperation since House and lots of experience playing a doctor. And I’ve missed seeing him do comedy. In A Bit of Fry and Laurie he was the dim one. The Doctor actually needs that balance of knowing so much, while still not quite getting humanity at times. Because he’s not human.

1. Tim Roth

A little out of left field? Let me explain. To start, Tim Roth is my favorite actor that there is in the whole world. I think this has something to do with the combination of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (in which he plays Guildenstern to Oldman’s Rosencrantz) and Reservoir Dogs. And he was, like Laurie, on a fairly popular TV show for awhile. Now a couple of years ago, I stumbled on an article announcing that Tim Roth had been cast as the next doctor. I proceeded to stare, at the computer, jaw on the floor, then leap up and dance around the room. Then I discovered that it was an April Fools prank and felt very a.) foolish and b.) sad. And since then I’ve been wanting him to be the Doctor.


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