Thoughts on the Season Finale of Supernatural (Season 8)

Like a billian spoiler-y things…you know, like, duh.

So I didn’t get to this nearly as soon as I meant to and it’s been a while (same for the Doctor WHo finale, I’ll do that next), but after the initial adrenaline rush of Carry On My Wayward Son, I had the following thoughts.

First of all, yay! Sheriff Mills! Love her! Let’s have her lots more. I’m not much of a shipper, but so wanted her and Bobby to get together before he…you know. But anyway:

Sam’s Trials:

It’s a season finale. And they’ll kill off the leads mid-season, so the fact that Sammy was in peril is no big whoop at this point. Honestly, what else is new? And the shows been renewed for another season and Padalecki confirmed he’s gonna be in that, so even if he does die we know we’ll be treated to yet another tearful reunion there first season back. But they’re sparing us that this time because he doesn’t die. He’s about to, Dean comes rushing in to tell him he’ll die if he doesn’t give up the last trial, and Sam fires back,”So?!”

I think this was a better choice than ending the season with a death. We’ve seen Sam, Dean, and Cas(s) killed in every way possible. We’ve never seen them so gung-ho with the idea. So Sam, after getting a laundry list of his sins from Dean at the beginning of the episode feels like he’s just let Dean down his whole life and might as well end it doing a good thing.

And you might say, but won’t Sam just go to heaven? Well, yeah, but that’s a terrible place for him to be right now. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Of course, in the end Dean metaphorically bitch slaps that notion right out of Sam’s head, because, come on, this show hinges on making you fall in love with characters and then watching them fail. Thank you, Eric, Sera, and Jeremy. And it’s a loving metaphorical bitch slap, but it’s there nonetheless.

Dean’s Forgiveness (and lack thereof):

Dude, you need to let some shit go. Just every once in awhile. Dean confuses me sometimes, because he remembers everyone’s faults (his own included) and will use them against people, but then when he wants/needs there help, he’s all “I forgive you, it doesn’t matter, we all make mistakes.” I adore Dean, but I’m kinda pissed about a few things.

First, that scene in the beginning when he lists all of Sam’s sins for him, because Sam was about to kill himself after that. And the other, and this has been my main problem since Cas(s) cam back after stashing the angel tablet, is this weird I need you/fuck off thing he has going with Cas(s).

Now I’m biased. Cas(s) is my favorite, and yes, he almost killed Dean, but he overcame Naomi’s freaky mind control thing to not kill him, after Dean gives his little “I need you” speech. And the next time they see Cas(s), Dean’s being almost cruel to him.

In the season finale, Castiel goes to Dean for help and Dean says, “take a number.” No, Dean. No. He’s trying to close the gates of heaven for you. And your brother. And humanity. Stop being a little bitch. I understand you’re worried about  Sammy, but this is a top frakking priority. Idjit.

But he always forgives Sam, and he’s compared Cas(s) and Sam in the past, so I figure he’ll forgive him eventually.

Crowley’s Humanity

Now I’ve always like Crowley. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Mark Sheppard plays him, but even when Crowley was the big bad and started killing characters that I liked, I’d be mad and the next time he was on, I’d be all happy again. Can’t help it, he’s too fun.

And he’s the third trial. Sam has to make him human. By the way, the creepiest thing about this episode? The disembodied Jesus feet on the cross in that room they’re doing the trial in.

He starts singing Changes (Bowie, a surefire sign that he’s going human) and has a breakdown from guilt, but Sam ends the trial before it’s complete. So what does this mean for next season? Will he be team Winchester. If I had any control over the show I’d have Sam, Dean , Cas(s), Crowley, and Charlie (because we really need a girl on the show regularly and she’s awesome) on a weekly basis, as good guys. Maybe Kevin too. And, hell, bring bag Bobby and Meg.

Naomi’s True Intentions

So conflicted. Cause she’s been hurting Cas(s). Since the Old Testament. But by capturing Metatron she was helping him. He just didn’t know it until it was too late. And then she tells Dean that the trials will kill Sam. And then she dies trying to stop Metatron. Why are you doing this to me?! I’m so confused!

The Trouble with Abaddon

She’s cool in theory, interesting in execution, but where exactly are they going with her? Putting her in the season finale seemed to do nothing more than serve as a reminder that she was there. She didn’t really accomplish anything. I’m doubting Sam really killed her for good. All I can figure is that they’re maybe setting up for her to be the big bad next season? But I figured that would be Metatron. Is she going to rule hell with Lucifer trapped and Crowley under his current condition?


Again, he was in the finale, but didn’t do a whole lot. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kevin’s fantastic, he just wasn’t doing a whole lot. And where are they gonna go with him? He was at the Winchester’s bunker, but he can’t go home, his chances of going to college are slimmer the longer he’s in hiding (he can’t tell anyone the truth about where he’s been, they’d think he’s nuts). His girlfriend was killed, his mother was killed, and all the angels and demons want him for their own personal gain.

An I have no idea what all those crazy blinky lights at the end meant.

Metatron Takes Over

Hisssssssssssssssss. I trusted him. He was the nerdy bookworm and scribe of God. Then he killed Naomi (which should have been a victorious moment, but instead it sucked), cut out Cas(s)’s grace and flung all the angels out of heaven. But now we’ve got out bad guy for season 9. I don’t think even the Supernatural writers could twist him into a good guy.

Castiel and the Fall

The one kick-ass thing to come out of all this is that my favorite Cas(s) season was season 5, with him trying to be human, and failing miserably. It was adorable. Now Cas(s) isn’t an angel anymore and he has to learn to be human, like he started to then (I know this for a fact, I was at Comic-Con and they said so in the panel…and yes, I had to camp-out the night before like a crazy person to get into the Supernatural and Doctor Who panels).

And I’m looking forward to what they do with the other angels. A lot of them will be like Cas(s) in that respect. There’s a lot of room to play. Carter said a world with angels was going to be bloody and ugly and, in some ways, very human. I’m looking forward to finding out what that means.


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