10 Supernatural Characters Who Should Make a Return and/or Would Have Awesome Spin-offs

*Editorial Note: I wrote this post years ago, but as it seems to continue to get traffic, I’d like to note that, though they don’t appear on this list (but I do mention why Mills isn’t here), at this point, the spin-off I most want to see is a Sheriff Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum Wayward Daughters style thing, which may very well get its own post at some point.

Aye, thar be spoilers, matey.

After Bloodlines, the back-door pilot for the proposed spin-off, it seemed fans were left a little baffled and frustrated. Myself included. This is what they were going with? This was the story and these were the characters?

The overwhelming negative responses resulted in Bloodlines being cancelled before it had ever even really begun. The network still wants to create a spin-off though. This has seemed to be the CW’s modus operandi as of late.

Usually, if you spin-off a show you take one or more characters from the already existing show and give them their own story.

They just announced Crowley will be a series regular, which is wonderful, so we’ll just keep him where he is and, of course, they announced Cas(s) will be a series regular in season 10 as well (see left). So the odd couple sitcom idea for these two seems dead in the water.

The following is a list of characters that could either make a return to Supernatural or have their own show.

And I’m looking specifically at characters who have had a send off. Not like Garth or Sheriff Mills, whose one of my favs, but isn’t dead or trapped in Oz or anything.

Also, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of characters that it would be great to have back on the show. Bobby for crying out loud, Meg, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, there are plenty, and we never really finished with Cain, but these are the ones I want the most, would make the most sense at this juncture, and could generate their own series. Do something with Crowley’s son or Lisa’s son, Ben.

There are a ton of characters that could generate their own series. Seriously guys, just pick a character, any character. Here are some suggestions:

10.) Bela Talbot/Bela Lugosi/Abbie

Whatever her name is. We haven’t seen her since the end of season 3 when she gets dragged to hell by the hellhounds, foreshadowing Dean’s own fate.

She got a lot of hate when she was on the show and I admit I hated her when I first watched season 3 (excepting Bad Day at Black Rock, just because that episode is so damn near perfect). But in retrospect she’s actually a very cool character. She’s got a backstory that explains why she does all the slimy things she does. And at the very last minute she helps the Winchesters.

Bela has an interesting dynamic with both of the boys: there definitely seemed to be something between her and Dean and Sam had a sex dream about her, after which he basically turned into a babbling idiot every time they were in the same room.

Considering how season 8 ended, I could easily see Bela coming back and her and Dean being demons together. Easily.

Or option 2. Spin-off. If she was that good of a con artist when she was human, imagine what she could do as a demon. Or maybe she’d just be trying to get her humanity back. Or both.

Now the most major snag in here is that the actress, Lauren Cohan is a bit busy as a series regular on that tiny little-known series..what’s it called? Oh, yeah, The Walking Dead. And as much as I’d love for her to stick around on that show, they kill series regulars all the time. This could be a suitable plan B.

9.) John and Mary Winchester (1970’s versions)

Nothing against the more contemporary versions of the parents, sure, bring them back too. Hell, have something with them, Bobby, and Rufus. I’d be over the moon, but I’m looking more specifically at their younger counterparts.

And alright, we don’t want to beat a dead horse with too much time traveling on the show, that’s not what it’s about, but they keep comparing the first two episodes, first when Dean goes back, and then when Dean and Sam both go back as the first two back to the future movies, so do one more. Yeah, you can argue the episode Frontierland was Back to the Future III, cause it was the old west and everything, but the parents weren’t in it. Give them one more story.

A spin-off would work could be tricky because you’d have to constantly be making sure that you weren’t screwing with the cannon of Supernatural, but it’s fun to see Mary hunt (she’s better than her sons and her husband combined) and I like to think there was some of that going on even after she was married and John kept finding out and having his memory wiped.

Or if that’s too much trouble then Mary and her family hunting could be it’s own show and it could end with her marrying John. It’s all a bit dark and bittersweet considering how disastrous everything ends for them, but I think it could make for more interesting storylines.

Plus it’s always fun to watch the creators take the piss out of the 70’s.

8.) Henry Winchester

In keeping with this familial theme. So he time-travelled into present day and was killed by a knight of hell. And that knight of hell’s been offed now too. So what? Death means nothing on this show. Not Death the character, I mean death the action.

Better yet, let’s put him back in his time period and visit some more Men of Letters meetings, before he got swept into the future. I feel like we never really tied up that story. And the boys are living in the bunker the Men of Letters used as their headquarters.

Shouldn’t they constantly be finding strange weapons, cursed objects, enchanted rooms. I feel like they played around with that a bit in season 8, but then dropped the idea completely in season 9. It was more just there house now. For sleeping and doing research.

Better still spin-odff the Men of Letters. Let’s meet L. Frank Baum and the younger version of his daughter. I’m not saying to turn his into Once Upon Time. For the love of all things holy, DON’T turn Supernatural into Once Upon a Time, but another closer look at what was happening in those secret meetings could be really fun. I feel I’ve heard other people talk about this and I agree that’s it’s a really excellent idea.

The fact that you know what happens to the Men of Letters at the start of the show may be considered a drawback, but I still think this could be worth doing.

Another way thy could do this is have the Men of Letters become the Men and Women of Letters and have the group kickstarted in the present. Same storyline, set in contemporary time. Am I nuts or would that be totally fun?

7.) Jesse Turner

I did not know a child could be this adorable. You’re killin’ me here, kid.

We haven’t seen this little guy since season 5, his only appearance. But he’s the anti-Christ. There’s so much you could do with that.

It looks like we’re gearing up for a major angels vs. demons battle in the next season or so, and I feel like Jesse should have some involvement in that.

He’ll be older at this point, still not quite an adult, but no longer a little kid either, and as far as we know he’s been laying low (probably in Australia) trying to keep from letting his powers out of control and being used for evil.

The idea of a spin-off is exciting to me because when we last saw him and the boys were trying to convince him to go and stay with Bobby, they joked that it would be like the X-Men. But it would totally be like the X-Men!

First off, and I don’t know how they’d deal with this on the show, but hypothetically couldn’t there be several anti-Christs with different skills, different specialties? And what if they formed a team, like superheroes, and went around battling evil. It’s not an original idea, but it’s a good one that’s very popular at the moment.

Just saying, potential dormant plot. I really think they should tap into this before the angel demon clash. Also, seeing how the anti-Christs would divide up, angels or demons, could be interesting. They probably would all be fighting for the same side either. Again this could be cool. This could be so very very cool.

5.) Gabriel

I think Gabriel’s appearance in season 9 got more fan response than anything else. Because he was dead. Gone. Lucifer murdered him back in season 5 and surely he wouldn’t have been in hiding since then. His death must have actually stuck this time.

Well, this is my impression of the writer’s response to the notion: “Ahahahahahahaha!”

There’s no such thing as dead and gone on Supernatural.

What I didn’t like about his appearance was he seemed to almost sympathize with Metatron (or else was Metatron), whose an awful bastard of an angel, and oh my god, why didn’t Castiel kill him when he had the chance. Imprisoning him just gives him the chance to escape. Why give him that chance? This whole show is people breaking out of places they aren’t supposed to be able to break out of. But I digress.

Gabriel is just good plain fun and we’d all like him to cameo as much as possible. Though this might present the same problem they seem to have been fighting with lately, when it comes to Cas(s), which is that he’s just to powerful to keep around all the time. Got a problem? Call an angel. They’ll fix it for you. And they can’t keep doing that. The boys are the ones who are meant to be doing the fixing.

So what can we do if he’s too powerful to keep on Supernatural? Spin it off. A plot for Gabriel isn;t as clear cut for me as with most of the other characters I have here. It would probably have to include some other angelic characters and maybe it’s about them hanging out on Earth while they wait for the angel problem to sort itself off.

Or maybe it’s more militant than that and they’re all actually very involved in getting back onto heaven and battling the demons.

But I’m just spitballing here.

4.) Adam Milligan (Winchester)
So…yeah. As far as we know, he’s still trapped in that pit in hell. With Lucifer and Michael. Sam! Dean! That’s your brother down there! What gives? Assholes.

Adam’s return could open up a whole season arch all it’s own:

How would Adam feel about being left in the cage?

Does he know that Dean chose to save Sam’s soul instead of him?

Does he know that since then they’ve done nothing to save him since season 6?

We might have an Adam vs. Sam and Dean situation. This would be further complicated by Dean’s transformation at the end of season 9.

It might be more Adam vs. Sam vs. Dean confrontation.

Or it could turn into Sam and Adam vs. Dean.

Or if it gets really messy it may even turn into Adam and Dean vs. Sam.

Because it poses the question (or really questions): if he did return would he still be possessed by Michael? Could Lucifer have wrestled Michael out of Adam? Could Adam be possessed by Lucifer? Could Adam have turned into a demon like Dean?

With Dean having been turned into a demon he could have a not so fond reunion with his other brother in hell.

Or spin it off. Give Adam the show, having him battle with his metaphorical and literal demons, hunting down his brothers, having that resolved back on he main show, Supernatural.

3.) Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund

If Chuck really is God, this could solve all the shows problems in one foul swoop, and while we don’t want that to happen, I’d love to see Chuck come back on the show.

I’m not sure in what capacity, but he made it al the way through season 5 and part of season 4 as a semi-regular without anyone thinking he was God.

And I love the prophet as a bad writer angel they used when he first appeared in the show. They brought him up briefly in season 8, lamenting that he must have died, considering Kevin was the new prophet and Charlie found all the Supernatural books he’d written as Carver Edlund.

And I was excited. They kept talking about him, I thought maybe he was coming back. No such luck.

If he did come back I think he’d have to be a sort of undercover miracle worker type character and give Sam and Dean some BS reason as to why he wasn’t a prophet anymore. Or they’re could be some reason that Chuck found himself without his powers. Maybe angels weren’t the only things cast out of heaven and Chuck was part of the Fall as well and without a connection to heaven he was just as ordinary as he tricked them all into thinking he was from the beginning.

Or he could just show up in the series finale and be like, “guys. You’re all being idiots. Angels back up to heaven, demons back down to hell, minsters back into purgatory, and humans, you all stay here on Earth.

And that’s all just operating under the assumption that he is actually God, which is still disputed.

As far as a spin-off goes, maybe they can keep playing with that fan culture idea, like in the Real Ghostbusters episode, this cult following that he has because of his books that were documenting what the Winchesters had experienced. I’m not sure how that would work as a series, but I know that whenever they do one off episodes like that, The French Mistake, any of that meta-play, the fans eat it up. Maybe it could be expanded on.

2.) Charlie Bradbury

Ding dong, bitches! One of the most well-loved characters, I don’t know I single person who doesn’t want Charlie back on the show. She can bring Dorothy along as well.

When last we saw her, she had opened a portal into Oz (yes, that Oz) and met Dorothy (yes, that Dorothy) and the two of them decided to go kick ass over there, and Charlie left the boys and their world behind.

They definitely seemed to hint that we hadn’t seen the last of her. She can still get back, she just hasn’t yet. And it hasn’t been that long, so maybe she’s just chillin’ in Oz and everything’s okay and she’ll pop in next season.

I also definitely think she’d champion to get Dean back to his normal human self. Of course she and Sam are like family, but Dean really seemed to have a big brother complex with her. She doesn’t seem like the one that would have the power to bring Dean back around, but she continually turns out to be stronger than anyone on the show thinks she will be and shouldn’t be underestimated.

As far as a spin-off…well, that’s easy. Just Charlie in Oz. I think I’ve heard this suggested too.

There is one danger here. In Supernatural we only ever saw glimpses of Oz and it takes place in a totally different world than the show it’s springing off from and if they want to keep any connections…well, there wouldn’t be many. Other than Charlie and Dorothy who was in one SPN episode and maybe a faint Men of Letters connection, there is very little from Supernatural that would bleed into that show. Also, all of Oz seemed to be computer generated.

On the other hand, creating an all knew universe for Charlie to play in could be pretty epic. And the creators could make it into whatever they want. They seemed to use elements from the books and the Judy Garland movie and it would be up to them to figure out how they wanted to canonize that in their own series.

1.) Kevin Tran

Last, but not least. I’ve been hoping he’d come back as soon as he left and the fact that he’s hanging around as some ghost thing, because the souls can’t get into heaven, did little to bring me comfort. Kevin’s the only character that hasn’t done anything wrong and gets continually screwed over for it.

What I was hoping would happen in season 9 was that Sam, Dean, Cas(s), Charlie, and Kevin would al get moved into he bunker, with Crowley tucked neatly away in the basement and they would all be in the show a LOT.

This didn’t happen. Cas(s) only moved into the bunker in the second to last episode (may be leaving again after the last epsiode to do angel-y responsibilities), Charlie went to Oz, and Kevin was killed. This is not what I was going for, guys.

I also thought another prophet might pop up, but no. I guess this had something to do with the fact that Metatron had the Word of God.

But, whatever, just bring Kevin back. It doesn’t really matter how. He was like another lost Winchester sibling and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when Dean made his plea for Kevin not to leave after Crowley told Kevin his mother was alive, or of course, when Gadreel killed him.

I at the very least want a dream sequence in which Osric Chau does some martial arts. Because, while Osric is apparently quite skilled in this area,  Kevin would never do martial arts and that would make it all the funnier.

So let’s say we don’t put Kevin back on Supernatural. What could we do with a spin-off? Whatever you like. Maybe he goes to college after all and has to fight monsters with his classmates. Maybe he teams up with Gabriel or Charlie or Adma or any of the other characters and they become they’re own hunting faction. Maybe he’s the one to bring back the Men (and Women) of Letters.

There’s a lot they could do. I really don’t want to see Supernatural fall apart for the sake of a spin-off, but if they’re all determined to make one as they seem to be, there are some kick-ass options.


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