The Audrey Situation (on Twin Peaks: The Return)

This post contains massive spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return. Obvs.

There are a lot of different things you could talk about in regards to the Twin Peaks finale. There’s a lot of dissection and discussion flying around right now. There were many things about the show that were thrilling and exciting and many things that left fans disappointed and frustrated. The thing that frustrated me most (aside from the fact that we never got to see Cooper in the Double R Diner with a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee) was the Audrey situation. was thrilled to hear that Audrey would be in the new season. She’s far and away my favorite character in the original series, but the ending of season 2 leaves her fate a little…uncertain. For all we knew she was blown up along with the bank. But it seems she survived. Or did she?

Audrey didn’t show up for a long time. In a season of 18 episodes, she first appears in episode 12. And she’s only in three episodes after that. Also, the Audrey we were seeing was very different than the Audrey we expected.

There were dozens of theories about how she may have already been referred to, just not by name. When she has her first scene, a seemingly endless circular conversation with a creep, who claims to be her husband, many fans that had been anxiously awaiting her return, found themselves falling asleep. And her next two appearances weren’t much different. her 4th episode aired. Audrey got out of the house she was in for the all the past scenes and arrived at the Roadhouse. At least we’re going somewhere. And then Audrey’s theme started to play, the crowd cleared the floor, and Audrey danced. Like she used to do. I was so happy, I could have cried.

All of a sudden, the scene did a smash cut to what seemed to be Audrey starting awake. She seemed to be in bed and looking in a mirror. And she’s freaking out. That’s intercut with the scene of her dancing, and she seems to fall back into what, at this point it seems safe to say, is a dream. went with a popular theory I’d heard about: that Audrey was in a coma. Now how long this coma been going on, it’s hard to say. She has a son, but she could have become pregnant with John Justice Wheeler’s kid, and he could have been born while she was in the coma.

Of course, she also could have been raped by the evil alternate Cooper during her coma, which would explain why her kid was SO awful.

And apparently we don’t even know what year it is, so any wiggle room needed for age and time is allowed. Or maybe none of that’s the case. Maybe she survived the explosion and ended up in a coma for a totally different reason. We don’t know.

I was actually relieved to see her “waking up.” I was totally willing to go with Audrey-in-a-coma theory. Especially if it null-and-voided all those sleepy scenes we’d seen so far. I was excited to see her interact with the other characters, for her to see Cooper again.

When she was absent from the solid episode, Part 17, I thought “okay, that’s fine. They’re saving her for the finale. She’s a fan favorite after all.” Part 18, the finale, aired and ended and not a whisper of Audrey. there were things that I liked about the finale and things I didn’t like about the finale. And if this were part of a larger arc, and we were going to revisit the Audrey situation, then this would all be fine. But HBO David Lynch, and Mark Frost have all said that they don’t have any plans for a 4th season, in which case, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL?!

Was she dead, in a medical hospital, in a mental hospital, in a government observation room, heaven, hell, a previously unseen part of the black lodge, a previously unseen part of the white lodge?

Or maybe that’s entirely the point. As much love as we all have for Audrey, she’s one of those characters that never has a happy ending. Every iteration of every story she’s given ends in trauma. So even if someway somehow there was more Twin Peaks, it’s possible Audrey would have another part to her story and would still end up in a purgatorial state. Maybe that’s all we deserve after all our complaining. It just seems that Audrey deserves better. But what did we expect really?

Forget it, Jake. It’s Twin Peaks.


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