The Wayward Sisters Come Home

We finally got to see the Wayward Sisters in action last week via their backdoor pilot on Supernatural. It had a lot of ground to cover, and if someone who wasn’t watching Supernatural to begin with tried to pick it up here, they’d probably be pretty damn confused. But that was because they didn’t back pedal and try to jam a bunch of already established backstory into one episode, which meant it got to jump straight to the action.

One of the most exciting things was seeing the six leads come together at long last. When we last left our heroes, Claire had struck out on her own, Donna was sheriffing, Patience had gone to warn Jody and Alex of a vision of Claire’s death, and Kaia was magically flung to the side of a road, while Sam and Dean were flung into what Kaia dubbed “The Bad Place.”

The episode opens with Claire showcasing some badassery, and I have to say, as the character I was most worried about them screwing up, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed her throughout the episode. She beats up some werewolves, then gets a call from Jody saying, ahem, “It’s Sam and Dean. They’re missing. They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them for a few days.” So, yeah, that was me you heard screaming on the night of the premier. But, like, in a good way. We’re in the Supernatural universe, and this is how the fun starts.

Claire agrees to go back to Jody and Alex, where she meets Patience. Claire seems suspicious of her at first. Maybe it’s that Patience is in her old room (then you shouldn’t have left Claire!), maybe it’s that she doesn’t believe Patience is psychic, as she claims, or maybe it’s that she fears Patience being a psychic will make Jody overprotective (Jody’s the exact right amount of protective, as far as I’m concerned).

Alex is working as a nurse at a nearby hospital, a hospital that happens to be treating Kaia, after she’s found by the road. Claire goes to Alex, trying to convince her to dig up information, when they discover Kaia. Claire and Kaia try to sneak out of the hospital when they’re attacked by a Bad Place monster. Unlike the vampires and werewolves we’ve seen the women fight before, these are new monsters. They kinda look like evil teenage mutant ninja turtles, but it’s fine. Just as it seems Kaia and Claire will be bested by the creature, Jody shows up to rescue them. Because she’s the best. Always.

Now that Jody’s collected all the girls, who are hellbent on saving “the boys,” she decides it wouldn’t hurt to get a little more back up, and she enlists the help of the upbeat neighboring sheriff, Donna Hanscum, who comes bearing all the gifts: weapons, the likes of which the girls have seen nothing before.

Do they all know how to use these weapons? Nope. Do they have time to learn? Hell no. They arm themselves anyway and head off to the rift where the Winchesters are. And the monsters.

Throughout the episode, Claire and Kaia have a few heart-to-hearts. They’re the two most troubled characters and are able to relate to one another. At one point, they have a scene very reminiscent of Jaws, in which they compare scars. If I didn’t know better, and I DON’T, I could see them setting up a queer romance between the two. What the ending of this episode means for that raises some questions, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The creators did promise diversity, and diversity stretches beyond race.

This is a subject that Supernatural has struggled with in the past, with gay characters either being the subject of ridicule or the butt of a joke. Even later, when some of these characters were given more depth, they landed squarely in the “bury your gays” trope trap (*cough” Charlie *cough*). This could be a step in the right direction. But this is all massive speculation.

This is still Supernatural,  so we also check in with Sam and Dean a few times, and for a couple of guys who’ve been tossed out of their own reality, they seem in reasonably good spirits. I got a couple legitimate chuckles from their exchanges and was glad that we were seeing ALL the characters at their best. Though they are beginning to worry about things like food sources, and there’s this mysterious figure they keep glimpsing, who goes on to tie them up and bang on this giant gorilla skull, like it’s a dinner gong.

The episode continues to be fast-paced and high-spirited with the girls stepping in to save Jody and Donna at one point and them all growing together as wonderful family unit, despite the fact that none of them are blood relatives. As an old friend once said, “family don’t end with blood.”

In the end, it’s Claire and Kaia who end up traveling into the Bad Place and finding Sam and Dean…


But I digress.

Just as Sam, Dean, Claire, and Kaia are escaping back to their own reality, the mysterious hooded figure reappears, flinging a dagger at Claire, but Kaia knocks her out of the way, getting stabbed herself. She’s going to die. She knows it, Claire knows it, but Claire seems to be thinking “well, she doesn’t have to die alone.” All the time, the hooded figure continues to approach them. Then Claire falls back through the rift and it closes up behind her, sealing off the dead Kaia and the hooded figure.

Claire’s an emotional wreck. Jody cradles her, where she lies on the floor, and Patience realizes what her vision meant. She had been seeing Kaia’s death and its fallout all along, not Claire’s. Would it have made a difference if she had known? Likely not. Both girls were going in knowing how slim the chances were of them coming out again.

Sam and Dean thank them all, they wouldn’t have lasted much longer in that place, remarking on the family the women are forming. Then they set out to look for their own. Jack and their mother are still trapped in yet another alternate reality, and they’ll likely need saving.

Claire vows to find the hooded figure responsible for Kaia’s death, whatever it takes. But in the end it looks like the figure may come to her. Another rift has opened up somewhere else, and the hooded figure steps through. The figure lowers the hood, revealing…

Okay, here’s the thing. If you’re anything like me, then you already had this pegged. In the other alternate reality, several characters, who were dead in the Winchesters world, were still running around. So I figured whoever was in that Kylo Ren cosplay was going to have a face we recognized, the figure seemed to be female, and if this is a storyline that carries into the spin-off, then the character would likely be someone from the episode, rather than the vast cannon of Supernatural characters. And the actress who played Kaia was supposed to be one of the regulars, but it sure seemed like Kaia was dead.

So when alternate reality Kaia lowered her hood, I did not have an “Oh, gasp. I’m so shocked it’s you” reaction. If that’s what they were going for, it didn’t work. But I still had an “Oh, shit” moment. She’s in our world, she’s on the move, and she’s killing characters we like.

Overall, I think this was a stellar episode. If nothing else, it was a great episode of Supernatural, but I think the CW would have to be crazy not to order a full season of Wayward Sisters. It had great ratings, and the social media presence was incredible. But let’s make it impossible for them not to order a season. Keep writing about it, keeping making art around it, tag it in your tweets, share this article (I’d appreciate that on a personal level), and share others like it.

The Wayward Sisters have all come home. Because that’s where the monsters are. And they’re gonna give ’em hell. I just hope we get to see it.


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