Thoughts While Watching Mute

-I’m going into this knowing very little about it, but I think that can often work in a film’s favor.

-Interesting. This has the filter of a cyberpunk neo-noir film, but with a different color scheme.

-The future is amish.

-I spoke too soon. The cyber has indeed been punked.

-This couple is cute. I can only assume something terrible is going to happen to them.

-Ah, strip clubs. The old standby for dystopian futures.

-Mickey from Doctor Who has arrived on the scene to be a complete asshole.

-Can she maybe change into something a little warmer than a towel before you rush her outside?

-Aww. Leo’s sad face is very hard to watch.

-Oh, it’s Christmas in the land of graffiti and trash can fires. That’s festive.

-Leo, as a character, is actually a really good artist.

-Seriously? You’re firing him after he was the one who got hit in the head with a table? Okay, he did start it, but he was provoked! And the other guy definitely ended it.

-Luba’s bedroom is clearly in the red room from Twin Peaks.

-Wait, that’s Robert Sheehan?! I didn’t recognize him at all, and I’m a massive Misfits fan.

-Who throws a bowling ball like that?! You’re gonna throw your back out!

-Between this and Altered Carbon, I’m gonna be dreaming in neon.

-Not the beautiful car!

Alexander Skarsgård in Mute (2018)-Is it a coincidence that he keeps running into the same 5 people?

-All our screams are the same underwater.

-Hells bells, phone numbers from the future are epically long. I wouldn’t be able to remember all that.

-So he’s missing part of his memory. Or someone erased part of his memory?

-Bill can be a terrible person, but he’s not a bad dad. He’s trying.

-All this futuristic tech, and yet children’s playgrounds from the future look exactly the same. Oddly comforting.

-Okay, but Bill must have known Duck was a pedophile. His reaction to finding the cameras is appropriate, but overdue.

-Bill didn’t beat him up enough.

-Right. Now I’ve got it. Leo’s girlfriend is Naadirah, who used to be married to Bill. But Leo doesn’t know that. And the person Naadirah needed to tell Leo about was her and Bill’s daughter. But then Bill kidnapped Naadirah.

-I changed my mind. Bill is evil. Bill can die. Kill Bill.

-Maybe don’t taunt security…

-Oooo, Leo’s putting those woodcarving skills to use in a very different way. Carved himself a bat.

-I am curious. Where did Leo pick up these fighting skills?

-It’s a tricky movie. There are so few people to root for.

-I don’t like how easily Bill handed over the keys. Gotta be a trap.

-Can we not open the plastic and check to be super sure she’s dead?

-You joke, but we’ve seen him fuck people up,  and now he’s mad.

-Bill’s mute too now. I see what you did there.

-Oh, you stay the fuck away from that kid! She’s the only person who isn’t awful.

-I don’t care for this open throat surgery. Ew.

-I will be sorely disappointed if this movie doesn’t end with Leo beating Duck to death with a bat.

-Or drowning. I’ll take drowning. It’s a nice bookend to the opening scene.

-Leo looks almost horrified to hear himself speak.

-I’m concerned there’s a moral to Leo finally having a voice that I’m missing. Beyond the basic fact that he’s able to use speech to save an innocent.

-Oh, shit. Duncan Jones lost his mother the year after his father (his father, David Jones, is more widely known as David Bowie).

-Compounding that with the themes of the movie, I feel like it must have been hugely personal.

-But it seemed to wander somewhere between a Kill Bill style revenge film (complete with the daughter’s rescue) and an art house think piece, without really being either. I think my problem is with the writing. Not dialogue-wise, but in story and theme.

-Personally, I would have restructured it in such a way that somehow his disability was the thing that made the difference or saved the girl, though I don’t quite have the specifics.

-Or maybe that’s the boring film structure hammered into me from screenwriting class, and the whole point was there’s wasn’t anything good about being mute, it just sucked.

-To end on a positive note, I will say that’s it’s very much my aesthetic brand in the first place (seriously, can I reboot Max Headroom?) and visually compelling for sure. So, the directing worked for me. There are worse ways to spend 2 hours.


About Risa Romano

Writer type thing. I work on stories for kids when I'm on the clock and screenplays quite a bit less for kids when I'm not. I have a blog: I'm also the creator and moderator of the Doctor Who vodcast/podcast A Disused Yeti:
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