A Narcissistic Note from the Mad Writer

Greetings Earthlings, extra-terrestrial life forms, interdimensional beings, et al.,

I’m an easily excitable recluse. When I get especially excited about something I might write a thing and post it here. These tend to be about nerdy things I come across. Well, maybe geeky would be more accurate. Unless we’re talking about the English language (je suis une word nerd). Or film and TV in general. Cause that’s what I like best. And studied at this university place I was once hanging around at for about 5 years. They gave me a degree or something.

I do a lot of writing. Mostly screenplays in the sci-fi and/or dark comedy niche.

You can watch me detail various issues happening in my brain by watching the vlog My Mental Breakdown.

I was also the creator, moderator, editor, and producer of the podcast A Disused Yeti. We talk about Doctor Who…well, we mean to. I’ve also been known to talk about Doctor Who on panels at the Gallifrey One convention.

And I love to begin sentences with conjunctions, as well as being a fan of the run-on, and I enjoy the inclusion of parentheticals wherever I can stick ’em (and even in places I can’t). Good luck trying to read this nonsense.

Most sincerely and satirically yours,

Risa Romano
100% Rebel Time Lord
Wayward Daughter
Wholigan (that’s for the band the Who, dontcha know)
Slytherin House